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Term - Call or e-mail us for a quote to obtain an application and the necessary forms. If the Company you select does not have application download capability, call us and we will Email an application to you. We can issue 20 year level guaranteed premium term up to age 70, or 30 year level guaranteed premium up to age 55 for healthy non smokers. Yes, we have special rates for non-cigarette users of nicotine products.

Universal Life - A full range selection from minimum premium to guaranteed level premium and death benefit for life. Guaranteed level death benefit and premium is effective for the client who needs a guarantee for estate planning, pension maximization, or any other need where a guaranteed lifetime death benefit and low premium is required. It is particularly effective for a 1035 exchange. Get all the advantages of a whole life policy for a much lower premium. You have your choice of low or high target premium products and some of our companies pay first year commission into the second year until the target premium is reached. Yes, zero net interest loans are available.

Whole Life - Participating and non participating plans. We have a very competitive Par LPU98 product from an A+ company. One of our special risk companies has an excellent par WL for agents who are more comfortable working with this product and need a good substandard source with an A+ company.

Multiple First to Die - An excellent UL product for business insurance. Other insured riders up to several lives on just one policy. It includes the ability to add and delete covered insured's during the life of the plan to accommodate employee changes. Better than regular First to Die policies.

Survivor Life - We have extremely competitive Second to Die policies Risk range from super preferred to one uninsurable and one rated client. This product is most frequently used for estate planning, lifetime guaranteed level premium, and death benefit with guarantees out to age 120 are available.

Annuities - Very competitive. One of our companies has a unique approach for the smoker and/or substandard client. The benefits are increased because of the lowered life expectancy . There is usually about 10% greater benefit to your client.




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